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insect control

Insect Control

We specialise in providing targeted insect pest control solutions for homeowners throughout Lancashire. All types of insects can be removed. Don’t delay, call us today!

Insect Pests

We treat ants, fleas, flies and other insects. Treatments vary for each species of insect, we provide an effective range of treatments that will remedy your pest problem.

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Insect Control

Lancashire insect pest control services in your local area. Great prices!

Insects can cause irritation by biting humans and animals causing itching and frustration. They can also be unsightly and make your home or premises feel uncomfortable. We choose the right pest control treatment for your problem and ensure that we get the result you need to resume a normal life.

During the summer months, our main problem is the demand for treatments to destroy wasps. But the summer is also a time when flies, fleas, ants are a nuisance and sometimes a serious problem. Also, Bed Bugs and others.


The common housefly is uncommonly dangerous, probably the most dangerous pest of all. This is because it is so difficult to control and has the ability to spread a large number of diseases; particularly those linked with food.


Like wasps and bees, ants are social insects and not usually involved in the spread of disease. They nest underground and are mainly found outside, but where nests are close to or under buildings ants will come inside. They are particularly attracted to sweet-tasting foods so can cause contamination problems.


Wasps do not spread infectious diseases in the same way that flies and cockroaches do, but they can contaminate food and can deliver a painful sting, which to hypersensitive individuals can be life-threatening. Wasps are social insects; queen wasps, the only individuals that survive over the winter, start a new nest in the spring, these nests are usually underground or in buildings.


Cockroaches are another serious public health pest because they can spread a large number of gastrointestinal and other diseases. They can be found in homes and domestic areas as well as commercial food premises, especially in blocks of flats, where they may live in kitchen duct-work and the drainage system.


Fleas are parasites of warm-blooded animals; spending most of their life on their host and feeding on its blood. Fleas usually stay with one host, but if it is absent they will feed on other animals, including humans. Most domestic infestations are caused by cat or dog fleas.

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