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fumigation service


Fumigation is a process where pest controllers use a highly efficient powder to exterminate a variety of insects within enclosed quarters and is a popular service for our clients.

Fogging Service

A fogging service, unlike conventional cleaning, kills all but 0.0001% of bacteria, fungi and viruses. As an alternative to conventional specialist cleaning it can not be surpassed!

fogging services
fogging service

Fogging Services

Lancashire professional fumigation and fogging service!

Fumigation is usually powder-based and fogging is normally steam or vapour based. Fumigation is normally used for the eradication of insect pests and fogging, more for cleaning, and the removal of bacteria and more importantly in this day and age, viruses!

Fogging should be carried out in conjunction with what is known as touch-point cleaning. This ensures those parts of your office which most often come into contact with people are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

The following surfaces and areas are the most important ones to be cleaned: Desktops and work surfaces. Doorknobs, doorplates & handles and light switches. Computer keyboards and equipment also need to be cleaned along with Telephone equipment, furniture and chairs. Canteens including sinks and kitchens as well as toilets should also be touch-point cleaned in addition to fogging. Water fountains and vending machines also need to be cleaned as well as fogging of all communal areas.

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